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I write screenplays, freelance articles, and short stories. I'm also an actor, language instructor, and published author.

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Political Problems in America During the Great Depression | The Classroom | Synonym

The Great Depression was a global, financial crisis that occurred in the late 1920s and lasted throughout the end of World War II. Toward the end of 1933, millions of Americans were jobless. This ......

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Social Climate of the 1960s in America | The Classroom | Synonym

The 1960s brought great changes to the political and social landscape in the United States. Americans made their voices heard in the streets and inside the voting booth. In fact, according to PBS, ......

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The Differences Between Marxism, Socialism & Communism | The Classroom | Synonym

In political circles and polite conversation, people often use the terms ''Marxism,'' ''socialism,'' and ''communism'' interchangeably, as if the three ......

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The Democrats' View On Social Services & Welfare Programs | The Classroom | Synonym

In the early 20th century, the Democratic Party shifted from a party that supported slavery to a party that embraced minorities, civil rights and women's suffrage. With the election of Franklin ......

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How to Help Your Employees to Learn English

A multicultural workplace fosters creativity, ingenuity and competition in the global market. The U.S. workplace increasingly has becoming more diverse with new immigrants who offer a valued, ......

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What Are the Disadvantages of Dropping Out of High School?

Finishing high school is a rite of passage for young adults. This achievement not only marks the beginning of adulthood, but also opens higher education and career opportunities for the aspiring ......

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The Responsibilities of Teachers Vs. Parents

Parents strive to raise children to be productive citizens and good stewards in their communities. Teachers are charged with creating safe environments in which children can learn, grow and excel ......

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Child Development Behavior Issues

During the course of a child's development, parents often experience the normal ups and downs of behavior. However, when environmental, psychological and biological factors negatively impact ......

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An Abusive Father and the Effects on a Young Woman's Relationships

An abusive father can have a detrimental effect on a young woman's confidence and on her future relationships. Some three million children witness violence in their homes each year, according to ......

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Do I Have to Have a GED or Diploma?

Deciding to stay in school or obtain a GED diploma can be a difficult choice to make. Pursuing a traditional diploma can offer a student the chance to study a varied academic curriculum and make ......

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Resources for Defiant Teens

Adolescence can be fraught with tumultuous changes -- both for teens and parents. However, when a teen undergoes a significant behavior change that involves defying social norms, established rules ......

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ADHD & Failing in School

Parents and teachers understand the difficulty of managing a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Children with ADHD have problems with focus and hyperactivity. This not only affects ......


Why is Teen Obesity Becoming a Huge Problem? |

With the proliferation of fast food restaurants and convenience foods offered at grocery stores, teens face a looming health crisis -- obesity. According to an article on ABC News, “Most Americans May Be Obese By 2030, Report Warns,” more than half of all Americans will be obese by 2030 --...